Dave Wilkie, owner of DW Audio, has over 7 years of experience with Music Technology in educational environments.  For the last 7 years, Dave has been delivering the Edexcel Music Technology A-Level course at a very reputable school with an ofsted outstanding rating.  Dave has developed a thorough and comprehensive method of delivering the course.  Since the commission of the current specification, 98% of Dave's students have achieved or exceeded their target grades.


Dave also has experience in the design, setup and maintenance of recording equipment and computer audio systems, specifically for educational environments.


Educational services include:


  1. Music Technology private tutoring.
  2. Music Technology staff training (course content and technical skills).
  3. Music Technology students seminars (delivery of most subject areas is possible).
  4. Recording services for exam coursework (music recitals etc).
  5. Recording services for school events.
  6. PA system design and installation .
  7. Equipment commissioning and troubleshooting.


To enquire about educational services, please contact me to discuss your needs.