Location Recording

DW Audio has been offering a location recording service since 2004.  During this time, a whole wealth of experience and quality equipment has be acquired.  Location Recording can be implemented in quite a few ways.  The most popular are listed below:


Recordings of Live Performances and Concerts

Band recordings at rehearsal spaces

Voiceover and Overdub capture


Location recording can also prove invaluable for large ensembles such as brass bands, big bands and orchestras. Many studio facilities cannot offer a large enough space to accommodate such a large group of musicians.


All DW Audio recordings are carried out with high quality digital recording systems and are planned meticulously to ensure the finest results for your project, exactly meeting your needs.  Systems start from a simple 4 channel system right up to 48 channel system with active microphone splits.  Larger systems than 48 channels are available on request.  All recordings of live events are captured with full redundancy - i.e. two systems run side by side, recording all signals.  In larger setups (above 8 channels) Audio is handled by Yamaha mixing consoles using the latest DANTE technology. These reliability assurance measures are also backed up by the use of UPS systems and high quality Glyph audio hard drives.


DW Audio can provide high quality recording services for many different scenarios, at competitive rates.  Please contact us for a quote, or to find out more about Location recording services.