Mix Rescue

The final presentation of any recording project is hugely governed by the quality of the final mix.  But, all too often this ends up being the weakest part of a project due to many reasons.  It may be that the project ran out of time, money or just that it didn’t go to plan.  Or, maybe you recorded the project yourself and would just like a bit of fresh input at the mix stage.


Whatever your reason for interest in this service, our goal is to help you get the best from your project and we will only offer you services that we feel will be of some benefit.


If you are in possession of the multitrack audio files, this process can be really straight forward.  The process would follow the steps listed below:


  1.   You send us an MP3 of the project as it is with details of what you don’t like about it and                     details of what you would like it to be.
  2.     We listen to the MP3 and contact you with details of what we think we can achieve in relation to your preferred outcome.
  3.     If you are happy with the proposal, you send us the multi track audio and payment. At this point, we would also agree on a delivery date for the provisional mixes.  
  4.     Upon receipt of payment and audio files, we will begin work.
  5.     Finally, we will send you the new version of your project.


Due to the nature of the service, it is important that we have clear communication and understanding.  Whilst there are some things that we will be able to improve immensely, there may also be some things that arise that we are unable to fix due to the quality of the original recording.  In this case, I would contact you with this information so that you are not adversely surprised by the outcome.


If you are not in possession of the original multitrack files, there are still certain things that can be done to help a poor mix.  There are a lot of processes that are normally confined to the realms of mastering that can achieve surprising feats of disaster recovery.  As with the details above, work on these projects would require you to send us a copy to appraise so that we can let you know what is likely to be possible.



If the Mix Repair service sounds like something that could help your project, or if you have any questions about the service, please Contact us to discuss your requirements.