Mixing is a very involved task which requires attention to detail and a deep understanding of the audio, genre and target sound.  The quality of mixing at DW Audio is based on over 10 years of experience, training and working with an incredibly broad range of musical styles.  All projects taken on are approached in a methodic and sympathetic fashion to make sure that clients always achieve the sound that they are looking for.  So, if it’s DW Audio recording or existing audio to be mixed, you can relax knowing that project is in good hands.


Mixing is carried out in Pro-Tools 9 or Steinberg Nuendo with access to a comprehensive set of plug-ins.  Monitoring is taken care of by Yamaha MSP10 monitors and Beyerdynamic headphones.  RME interfaces and Glyph hard drives are used to ensure optimal sound and reliability.


Rates for Mixing are £35.00 per hour or £220.00 per 8 hour day.


The amount of time to be spent on any given project is always a variable but it is always possible to work inside a budget using careful time planning.


Please feel free to contact us to see how DW Audio mixing services can help your project.